What is a Certified Arborist and Why Should I Use Them for Tree Care?

A Certified Arborist is a highly seasoned professional that has been certified  by the International Society of Arboriculture. You can only become ISA-certified by passing rigorous certification exams that test your knowledge about all aspects of arboriculture. Things like growth, cultivation, reactions to pruning, diseases, de-compartmentalization of decay. An Arborists cares for the health of the entire tree.  While trees provide a lot of benefits to people, if left untouched they could cause damage. They may overgrow onto power lines or people’s homes. They could also cause damage in severe weather which can lead to power outages and harmful collapses. 

Here are some of the main ways that an arborist can maintain and care for trees:

Tree Pruning – Arborists can determine what type of pruning is needed for individual trees. Pruning promotes healthy growth, rids the tree of any dead wood, and naturally protects the tree from insects. 

Tree Removal – As a last resort, an arborist may recommend that a tree is removed, though it is always carefully considered. An arborist has the proper skills and equipment to remove a tree safely and efficiently. 

Tree Planting – Planting a tree in the right place is important for the tree’s long term health. An arborist can determine the appropriate location for a tree and assist with planting. 

An arborist provides other services such as insect control, fertilization, cabling, aeration, and lightning protection. They can also identify any diseases or parasites, ensure trees have sufficient support, and remove any damaging plants. An arborist can give consultations that will help determine when these services are necessary.

Tree Health: A certified arborist can diagnose tree disease or pest problems and make appropriate recommendations for its treatment.