Welcome to our brand-new Urban Wood show room!! (In progress)


 Welcome to our brand-new Urban Wood showroom!! (In progress)

As members of the Urban Wood Network  since 2018

We provide slabs and lumber that are regional, renewable resources with distinctive characteristics. When a tree is alive, it is at its peak worth. However, there are occasions when they must be removed due to various factors, including weather damage, insects, illness, or construction.

As part of a commitment to sustainability, there is currently a trend to utilize the entire tree. We use these trees to produce firewood and mulch.  We make every effort to preserve their gorgeous logs by milling them into useful slabs or lumber.

We provide a range of species, including:

Ash, Hackberry, Honey Locust, Red Oak, Silver Maple, Pine, and Walnut.

Please come by and check us out; We have excellent prices!!